Today I want to talk about how one becomes a wise man. A wise man is not a man that has persued one path with persistence, a wise man is a man that has overcome many obstacles, and made many mistakes. Imagine this scenario, a person born with social anxiety and a person born with no social anxiety, now the person with social anxiety learns to overcome it but it takes them 3 years. Now one might think that they are on the same level as the person which was born without social anxiety. But that’s not the case, the person born with social anxiety is now wiser, and stronger than the one born without it. To become a wise man one has to admit his fault and look forward to improving themselves, a wise man does not think that they are wise. A wise man doesn’t even have to be particularly smart in the traditional sense, but just smart in the sense of “asks the right questions”.

A wise man is not just another word for experienced man, yet it is somewhat. What I mean by that is that an experienced man could be i.e. a man that has persued one path of i.e. Computer Science for their entire life, so now they know incredibly much about it and they can give you very exact predictions because of their experience, but that doesn’t make them wise. A wise man doesn’t have to have followed a path to the end, or even for a long time, a wise man can have persued many paths only halthway or shortly, and gained experience from each one of them, now the predictions of a wise man in that certain field may or may not be more accurate than those from the experienced man, but the wise man is much more experienced in general terms, in everything, or rather in many things. In other words. A wise man is a man that is experienced in life, a man that has learnt and still learns from his mistakes and experiences.

I hope this could capture in any way what i was trying to say. If you read it to the end, have a nice day :)