Ok ok, Yeah, I admit it, that title was very … exaggerated.

Today I wanna tell you about what happened 2 days ago, in short, I fucked up big time.

I wanted to move my openSUSE partition to the left and then expand it, because I basically had no space left, so I made an openSUSE Rescue USB and booted into it, launched gparted, and noticed the USB was only half-plugged in, so I replugged it and continued as normal (since most of the system was in RAM in wasn’t that big of a deal). I first deleted the partition that was to the left, but when I tried to move my main partition, it crashed. Like.. the entire live system crashed.

It was at that moment, I knew, I fucked up.

I didn’t make a backup. All my passwords were gone. I was unable to login to various online accounts I had, including my codeberg where I host “Simple Web”. And I lost the password for my Fosstodon, that means, not only did I lose access to my own project, I couldn’t even tell everybody about it.

I would’ve to create a new codeberg account, and create a new project, maybe even on a different gitea instance, but SimpleerTube is already in a list, and how would I tell people about that I moved the project? I think you see the issue now.

Either way, I was unable to do anything at that moment because I didn’t even have a functioning system, so I booted into the rescue usb again, pulled out my backup ssd and created a voidlinux installer.

While the system was installing I went through everything I still had access to and what I will have to do to invalidate my “old” accounts.

Things I lost access to:

Codeberg, Fosstodon, Sourcehut, github, gitlab, dismail.de (xmpp), protonmail (backup email) and odysee/lbry

Things I still had access to:

Hetzner (VPS), namecheap (domain), mailbox.org (main email)

So at least the ones I paid money to use, I still have.

Alright, my installation was successfull, I started installing the core system stuff I needed, window manager, xserver, etc.

But then I remembered that I had a really old backup somewhere of my codeberg and my fosstodon password. I was able to get back those accounts, then I was able to get back my protonmail through my mailbox (because it was set as fallback email account) and through my protonmail I was able to get basically all my accounts except my dismail.

The thing that scared me the most about this, is that I would’ve basically lost the “Simple Web” repository, and not only ME, but everybody who was working on stuff in there, because I was the single owner.

I think while thinking about decreasing our dependency on others, we often forget to decrease the dependency of others on us.

The “Simple Web” project isn’t a big project at the time of writing, but still, I had a responsibility and I almost fucked it up. That’s why I elevated another contributor to owner status, so in case something goes wrong again, we can recover.

Aside from that I now keep my passwords inside a physical Notebook as a backup in case anything like this happens again.

Quite honestly, I don’t know why I wanted to write this blogpost anymore. I doubt anybody will be able to get anything useful out of this.

If you read this to the end, thx, and have a nice day :)