Today I want to talk about my masturbation routine, what do I mean by this? Well for the past 5-6 years I basically fapped at least once a day. Not because I was necessarily horny every day but because it had become routine. I never saw it do any harm to me physically or mentally so I never changed anything about it, until recently when I decided to just try and break it because “why not” and I gotta say, it was a really good choice, this routine had influenced me in ways that I didn’t even notice for a very long time, it kinda made me more sexual most of the time, which seems rather obvious at first, but hey, I didn’t notice it. Now, it was easier than expected to break the routine, it basically took 1-2 weeks at most, and, I didn’t stop masturbation entirely, but rather I just stopped doing it because it was routine, so during the first two weeks I actively had to restrain myself from fapping every night before I went to bed. But after those two weeks it just.. stopped bothering me, I just no longer felt the urge to fap. This is something I had forgotten how it felt. I forgot how it felt to not want to fap in the foreseeable future. I am very glad that I broke it, because since I did, I seem to have less random boners and I feel less.. dirty, not that I felt dirty before, I just feel less dirty now, if that makes sense.

This is all I have for today, nothing special but hey, thought I might share it with you. Have a nice day :)