Currently I am in boarding school to finish my apprenticeship, and in here, we have a few rooms in the basement where you can have an internet connection but in the sleeping rooms themselves you have no chance of getting an internet connection, I usually stay here for about 6 weeks at a time and I’ve been noticing that my productivity or general happiness goes up by quite a bit when I’m here. This is probably because I don’t end up doom watching anything or just staying on my computer for long periods of time as often. I usually go down in the basement if I need to do something specifically but when I’m done with that I go back up and just continue doing whatever I was doing, whether that is studying in peace with some music or just reading a book, doing some exercise, going on a walk, etc.

And as I was just laying in bed I thought to myself, maybe it isn’t a bad idea to *not* have a WiFi Network that spans the entire house/apartment, maybe it’s smarter to have one room where you can have an internet connection, whether that’d be through an ethernet cable or just a really short-range WiFi Network (I think the ethernet cable approach has more charme though :P). So that if you ever need to do something on the internet, you go to that room or rather that specific place with the internet cable (the computer itself will probably reside there most of the time anyways) and do that exact thing on the internet, maybe you drift off a bit but probably not nearly as much as one would usually do. Using the internet becomes more intentional.

I’ve had this idea before but whenever I proposed it to my girlfriend she didn’t really like the thought of it because she streams all her music from YouTube directly and likes to be able to just quickly look something up, which made me think that probably a lot of people don’t really use their devices for anything besides being connected to the internet, so the whole concept I just proposed probably wouldn’t work with a more mainstream lifestyle. Either way, I really like it and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too :) Feel free to send me an email and I’ll make sure to reply sometime :)

Thanks a ton for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day :)