Today I want to talk about striving to be what you want to be. It seems like many people are happy once they know that they are better than their peers, actually they only strive to be the best among their peers, or maybe even the best in the world. But I think that this is the wrong way of thinking about it. Maybe we should rather think about becoming good in what we do, not because somebody else is worse at it, but just become the .. definitive good at what you do. It’s about not striving just because there is competition but because doing it out of your heart. Doing it because you want to do it and your goal is to be good at what you do. Not just being the best at it. Let me give you an example. Person A tells Person B “You’re a good listener” but the only reason why Person A perceives it that way is because the only other people Person A has talked to were incredibly bad listeners. So in the grand scheme of things Person B might be considered a really bad listener as well, they’re just way better than their peers. And this is why I think that it’s important to strive for being actually good. Not just better than the others. In this case for being actually helpful to Person A. Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)