I hate the fact that there is a sexual desire in boys, no matter if they’re young or old (of course this also applies to girls, but from my personal experience, there are less girls violating other people’s bodys without their permission than there are boys). [NOTE] This is a rant. There are too many men who don’t know that they shouldn’t touch women (or in fact any other human) in certain ways, especially around their genitals because that can make those people extremely uncomfortable and results in a very dirty feeling. Those stupid boys that don’t know shit about fuck and can’t keep their hands to themselves and are victims of their own sexual desires and think that they can do anything to anybody without consequences. Like, what has to go wrong in somebody’s mind so they think it’s ok to grab a women between her legs, HOW, just HOW do synapses and neurons result in bullshit like this, or how in the world does it cross one’s mind that it would be ok to grab somebody’s ass without their permission. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED that there are so many horny people on the internet trying to persuade women into uploading nudes, WHY is it a viable option for a young girl to make a living off of uploading teasing pictures of her body to the internet. It feels like this world is broken beyond repair by it’s core, maybe religion wasn’t all that bad of an idea. But this is man and this is what man wants (man referring to mankind), this is what it results in when you let man have free will, it’s disgusting.