Today I want to talk about how I feel. I feel nothing anymore, at least that’s how it used to be for the past 2 weeks, I couldn’t feel anything like strong happyness, affection, sadness or antyhing, I couldn’t even get angry at all. I didn’t know what happened and it scared me, or rather, it still scares me because I feel like I’m loosing touch with myself and I don’t know what caused it and it hurts everybody around me just as much as it hurts me. But today I noticed something new, I noticed a pull in my legs whenever I would usually feel strong emotions such as when thinking about my girlfriend. I don’t know wether or not that’s something that’s been happening for the past 2 weeks or if it just started in the past couple days. But I do know that my feelings have been coming back bit by bit during the past week, mainly because I’ve been seeing my gf everyday but then again, there are times where it just snaps to nothingness. I also noticed that whenever I get really sad (or rather I would get really sad) my legs start shaking nervously, but I don’t feel anything in my chest which is where I would usually feel a kind of pull or heavy feeling, like a heavy weight on my heart. Somebody mentioned that it could be something like depersonalisation which sounds logical but I don’t know what could’ve caused it but my current approach to fixing this is listening to a lot of emotional music to try and trigger something that snaps me back into reality. I hope this’ll go away soon.