Today I want to talk about the gender pronouns he/she/they and various others and the problem I see with creating more and more pronouns. I think instead of creating more specific pronouns for every possible gender there could ever be and will ever be, we should rather start being less precise. What if instead of having he/she/they (I’m going to pretend like those are the only 3 that exist for this blog post) what about just having they. That would be much more efficient, and nobody would feel excluded in any material, instead of having multiple genders to refer to with humans, we just have none, it wouldn’t matter what gender a person is. We’d start referring to people based on what they are, human beings, not the gender that they identify as. That would’ve been my first step to improve the english language, the second step would be separating they/them in singular and plural, because as of right now they use basically the same vocab in singular and plural, which causes “What are they doing?” to be impossible to make out wether we’re referring to one or more persons. If you see a fatal flaw within my logic please email me at Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)