The time has come, I’ve been going down rabbit holes for too long, I’ve discovered many great things, and I will keep those, but I noticed that they changed my attitude towards “mainstream” things. I cannot enjoy things I used to enjoy anymore, I generally have a “I-dont-like-that” attitude and I want to get rid of that, I hope that this will help, I will take a step back and try to break this unhealthy cycle, try to make myself a friendlier, better, person. I am sick of my own attitude, I don’t know when it changed to being what it is today, but I want to change it. I’ve become extremely jealous of people who either live happier or are more experienced in a certain field yet they aren’t any older than me, I don’t want that, it’s been destroying me mentally for the past couple weeks. I’ve been holding rather extreme viewpoints on quite a few topics such as books and school/education and I want to losen them up a little, because let’s be honest, nobody’s ever been helped by a crazy maniac telling him that everything he’s been living in is complete and utter garbage, and it isn’t. School has an awesome social effect and school does a great job in many areas, whereas it has gigantic flaws in others. Same story with smartphones, always-being-connected, discord, social media, etc. I don’t want to be that guy who hates everything anymore. This does not mean that I will start using smarpthones again, it does not mean that I will join major social media platforms, this does not mean that I wil start consuming more YouTube, but it means that I will make myself more open-minded about them. Thanks for reading, and, have a nice day :)