Today I want to talk about something that worries me a lot. Physical money going extinct. Due to Corona the companies want to reduce the amount of physical money that is being exchanged, which makes perfect sense from a health standpoint, but from a privacy standpoint it’s a nightmare because all the alternatives they offer track you, (bank card, credit card) the only other option I’ve seen was a giftcard, but when I called their support they said they won’t keep that for much longer either, and even if they did, I don’t know where you would get one of those without having to pay with your bank card >:(

I don’t want real money to go away, using non-physical money effectively puts us out of control, we can no longer see and manipulate exactly what happens to our money, as we don’t actually “own” it. Sure, you are still subject to inflation and everything but at least your money ain’t gonna go away just because somebody pressed the wrong button. (obviously, in practice it would be a lot harder than that, but you surely get what I am trying to say here).

Anyway, this was a rather short blog post about something that just concerns me. If you made it to the end, thank you, and have an awesome day :)