4 people come crawling out of the vent in a military base they have weird paint in their faces, making them unrecognizable as humans person 1 says “alright, let’s split up and meet here in 10 minutes” everybody goes in a different direction suddenly, person 2 accidentally throws an aquarium off of a shelf and the water flushes away all of his paint he squashes some fish and smears their remains all over his face, trying to hide it, but it was already too late, he’s been recognized a computer voice starts saying his name and his entire lifestory, ending with that his wife and kids died in a bomb test “geez, just do it already, or I’ll do it for you” in tears, he stumbles away, trying to hide somewhere suddenly a little piece of the wall opened up in front of him with a gun-like construct pointing at him, except that the trigger was turned around so if he were to trigger it, he would shoot himself “just do it already” whispering from all sides he starts running, he runs and runs and runs until all the voices stopped. he comes back to the meeting point but he notices that the others had already left, there was no way he could go back through the vent either because the venting fan was back in action (they had turned it off beforehand to go in) he finds a changing room and quickly puts on the military clothing and sits down, he notices a little hole in wall before him and sees the shoes of others, but they wouldn’t be able to see him here, so he just sat there. He looks to the right and sees a military trainer putting on his suit, he had a perfectly chiseled chin and looked like he was made out of stone, but he didn’t care anymore, he just sat there. to his surprise, the military trainer didn’t even notice him and after he was done changing, he went away he looked out of the window to his right and saw two trucks driving off into the distance, “they’re escaping” he thought. suddenly, a small stone-like thing flew towards the trucks and as soon as it hit the trucks, they exploded. crying, he looks back forward, looking directly into the barrel of a gun .. “just do it already” and he pulls the trigger.